What is is the Libra Informer?

A curated weekly newsletter and digest containing of what is occurring in the world of the Libra—the global, digital currency conceived by Facebook to service the financial needs of the peoples of the Earth.

The Libra Informer is meant to inform a general audience, industry experts, interested developers, and more.

Who writes this newsletter?

For the time being, the author wishes to remain anonymous.

The author is currently employed as a senior editor at a publication that covers international relations/foreign policy. It is the Libra’s potential in improving the lives of millions via cheap remittances, among other reasons, that intrigued the author.

Does this newsletter cost anything?

Nope, its absolutely free!

For the time being, The Libra Informer is intended to be a free resource to anyone who wants to stay informed about what is going on with the Libra, its development, and its ecosystem.

Should the Libra successfully take off and see wide adoption, this may change. That, however, is not something the reader should be concerned about at this time.

What if the Libra is shut down?

The Libra’s viability, both in the short and long term, is currently an open question. Governments and regulators around the world are examining the project and may force it to stop development.

The Libra Informer is operating under the assumption that, while there may change’s to the Libra’s model and planning, the currency’s development will still proceed ahead. In the event it doesn’t, The Libra Informer will cease operating.